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curtain wall

Rainscreen cladding

ALUMINUM CONSTRUCTIONS Windows and doors Sliding systems Office partitions

METAL PLASTIC CONSTRUCTIONS Windows and doors Sliding systems

curtain wall

Rainscreen cladding

Windows and doors

A great solution for modern interiors and the implementation of complex design.

Benefits: - narrow visible profile width - durability and reliability - the ability to manufacture large transparent designs. In terms of energy efficiency, our warm aluminum windows are not inferior to metal-plastic. Also, our specialists will perform professional installation using insulating tapes for maximum energy conservation.

We offer the following series of Altest systems

Cold profile: - Pony-375 lightweight window-door profile - Universal-450 reinforced door profile

Warm window-door profile: - Eskimos 530 Lightweight profile with thermoplastic 24mm - Comfort-690 reinforced profile with thermoplastic 24mm - Energy-790 reinforced profile with thermo bridge 34mm - Optima-650 reinforced profile with thermo bridge 34mm - Smart-700 reinforced profile with thermomost 39mm

Sliding systems

Sliding aluminum doors are the ideal solution for glazing exits to terraces, balconies, winter gardens and swimming pools. With their help, you can create a complete illusion of space in your interiors. In the closed position, the sliding structures create the appearance of a large glass wall, which effortlessly moves to the side or folds, providing a wide, spacious exit.

We offer the following options for sliding systems Altest: - cold sliding system PS-50 - cold sliding system Sliding S1000 - warm lift-sliding system LS-70 All products meet high quality standards and are warranted by the manufacturer.

Office partitions

This is the best choice for the organization of the internal space of offices and administrative premises. We offer office partitions under the order with single and double glazing. We can use in them various interior materials and elements. We offer the profile system Altest OFFICE-900.

The system of profiles OFFICE-900 is designed for the manufacture of: - internal office partitions - meeting rooms - corridor zones It will help to divide shopping areas, as well as to realize the individual interior design of various types of premises. The visible width of the partition elements - 50 mm, which allows you to enter the design of the system in almost any interior.

Windows and doors

We selected the leaders of the window components market and the best specialists to offer you reliable, durable and stylish metal-plastic constructions, as well as logical and effective combinations of the best profile systems and accessories to perform all the technical tasks on heat and noise insulation.

Also, our specialists will perform professional installation using insulating tapes for maximum energy conservation.

For production we use: - profiles - Viknalend and Salamander - accessories - Maco See our catalog of used profiles for details.

Sliding systems

A stylish and modern solution for glazing exits to terraces, balconies, winter gardens and swimming pools. Glass sliding windows and doors in the closed state create a complete illusion of space, while they can easily be pushed aside, providing even more space.
In production, we use a window profile with special Siegenia accessories, which allows the sash to move relatively to the frame - comfortable, beautiful and reliable!

curtain wall

The curtain wall made by us combine high technological effectiveness, aesthetics and maximum natural illumination. We use post-transom systems that do not limit the freedom of the architect’s creativity and maximally open the building to daylight.

There are 3 types of post-transom systems: - classic type with visible pressure plates and lids outside 50 mm wide; - semi-structural with clamping plates-covers 50 mm wide; - structural glazing with visible external seam from 15mm. We easily integrate windows of various types of opening, door and sliding systems into post-transom systems.
We offer universal facade system Altest CW50, which allows to produce structures of various degrees of complexity.

Rainscreen cladding

By ordering a rainscreen cladding with us, you are guaranteed to receive a well-designed and properly installed product.

As a framework, we use the manufacturer's KMD system, and the filling of composites - from different manufacturers and in different colors, depending on the technical and design tasks of a consumer.

Our experience and skills allow us to carry out complex projects of various geometric shapes. This allows you to implement any, even the most daring, architectural and design decisions.

Order rainscreen cladding in Kyiv and the region in the Lux Interior - their reliability is confirmed by certificates of quality and years of operation!